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Meet The Team

M.Hall_Image 1.jpg

Mark Hall

CEO & Founding Partner

D Hall_Image 1.jpg

Dana Hall

Vice President & Founding Partner


Marc Cavicchioli

Construction Manager

Mark is the CEO & a founding partner for Parton Property Solutions. He is a US Air Force veteran, entrepreneur & business investor.

My journey into real estate investment started one day on a walk with my husband/ business partner in October of 2014. It has been a great deal of exploration, learning, and growth. I was born and raised in Georgia. I graduated college with a BS in Special Education and started my teaching career in Cobb Co. I also coached volleyball and basketball. After my 2nd year of teaching I got a new position as a special education teacher at Hillgrove High School. After 7 years of teaching I met Mark. We married in 2009 and had our first child in 2011. We have 3 kids- Parker, Payton and Patrick. And fun fact- Parton Property Solutions is named after Parker and Payton. Patrick was not born when Parton was created but he has his royalty too. When Parton opened it was only Mark and I. We worked day and night to make our dreams come true. I look back on where we were and where we have come and it is so humbling and exciting. We have a wonderful team behind us and love what we do. We are a small close nit company they respect each other professionally and personally.

Marc brings over 35 years of invaluable experience in the construction industry to the Parton Property Solutions team. As a licensed general contractor, with a diverse background, Marc's reputation for quality precedes him. As a seasoned professional, Marc understands the importance of teamwork and collaboration. His leadership style fosters a culture of mutual respect and accountability, empowering team members to perform at their best. Before joining Parton in 2022, Marc served as the owner of Benchmark Innovations in Renovation, where he honed his skills and established himself as a leader in the field. Throughout his career, Marc has overseen countless construction projects, from small-scale renovations to large-scale developments, consistently delivering superior results. Originally from Rochester, NY, Marc has called Atlanta home for over 26 years. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time boating on the lake, immersing himself in live music, and being outdoors with his German Shepherd, Makita.


Vanessa Allen

Operations Manager

Vanessa brings over 15 years of operational oversight experience and a dedication to customer relations to the Parton Property Solutions team. She obtained her BS in Accounting and Finance before pursuing her MBA as an adult learner, eventually founding her own virtual operations company prior to joining our team. Combining her affinity for numbers with a deep understanding of business operations, Vanessa has carved out a role that continually challenges her to think innovatively. While ensuring seamless organization flow and prioritizing client needs with efficiency and foresight, she fosters a nurturing leadership style, earning her the affectionate nickname "Mama Bear." She cultivates a culture of openness, encouraging new ideas and ensuring every team member feels valued and included. Vanessa enjoys leisurely walks with her cherished Australian Shepherds, Ms. Princess and Georgia, or supporting her youngest child at golf tournaments. Whether fishing with her husband or exploring new camping spots in the southeast. Weekends are often spent embarking on new adventures, with glamping in her fifth wheel being a favorite pastime. Vanessa's love for reading extends to co-hosting a monthly book club podcast with her three sisters.

David Dean_1.jpeg

David Dean

Project Manager

David is a dedicated construction project manager with a passion for excellence in every aspect of his work. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering projects on time, and within budget, David has built a reputation for his leadership skills and ability to navigate complex construction challenges. He holds certifications in Blue Card Incident Command Training, Traffic Control, and OSHA 30, demonstrating his dedication to safety and professional development in his field. Beyond his professional pursuits, David finds joy in the simplicity of life's pleasures. An avid bowler and baseball enthusiast, he finds solace on the lanes and excitement on the diamond. He is proud to have achieved a perfect game in bowling, a testament to his precision and focus. He also enjoys cheering on his favorite college football team, bringing the same level of passion to sports as he does to his work. Whether he's managing construction projects or rolling strikes at the bowling alley, David approaches life with determination, skill, and a spirit of continuous improvement.

J.McCormick_Image 1.jpg

Josh McCormick

Project Manager

As a dedicated project manager with a passion for driving efficiency and excellence, Josh thrives in the dynamic landscape of project management. Currently pursuing a degree in Business Management, Josh combines academic rigor with practical experience to lead teams toward success. In addition to his/her professional pursuits, Josh is eagerly anticipating the next chapter in life as he prepares to tie the knot later this year. Balancing work, studies, and personal life, Josh finds fulfillment in nurturing both professional growth and personal relationships. Outside of the projects and classroom, Josh cherishes precious moments with his adorable 2-year-old, finding joy and inspiration in the boundless curiosity and energy of parenthood. Driven by a commitment to continuous learning, Josh is poised to make a lasting impact in project management while embracing the joys and challenges of family life.

Terance Mccleskey_1.jpeg

Terance McCleskey

Operations Assistant

Terance is the Operations Assistant at Parton Property Solutions, leveraging his extensive background in warehouse operations and business management. He has a wealth of experience in real estate, having run his own business in the field. His diverse skill set and in-depth knowledge enable him to excel in various areas of real estate and business operations. Terance supports the Operations Team and Project Managers with scheduling, purchasing, and ensuring effective communication. Passionate about the evolving nature of real estate, Terance thrives on the field's challenges and values its impact on the community. In his free time, he enjoys being with his wife and family, managing their kids' schedules, and making lasting memories. He is also dedicated to community involvement, coaching sports and mentoring young individuals to foster leadership skills.

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