Investment Opportunity

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Would you like to learn how to earn DOUBLE DIGIT returns on your money while it’s SECURED by real estate?**

Parton Property Solutions is a Mableton-based real estate company run by Vinings Estates homeowners Mark and Dana Hall. Over the last 5 years Mark and Dana have built a successful full-time business primarily focused on residential property redevelopment (“house flipping”). While many companies, including PPS, have used private investors to finance individual transactions, it is still an inefficient form of financing due to the individual transaction requirement.

In 2011, the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE) (Rule 590-4-2-.08) was adopted by the Commissioner of Securities for the State of Georgia. This crowdfunding exemption to federal securities laws allows Georgia-based business owners to raise up to $5 million in capital in order to expand existing operations and create more Georgia jobs. In accordance with the guidelines of the IGE, Parton Property Solutions is seeking investors (both accredited and unaccredited) who are interested in potential double-digit returns (annually) while the principal investment remains collateralized by the underlying properties.

If you would like more information on this opportunity, please contact Jim Funk at 404-695-8890 or

* Investing in financial and real estate markets involves a substantial degree of risk. There can be no assurance that the investment objectives described herein will be achieved.

** Past performance is no guarantee of future performance or that such investment opportunities will become available. These materials are intended only for discussion purposes and should not be relied upon in evaluating the merits of investing in any investment or security. Potential investors who express an interest in investing will be provided with detailed information and other documents offering documents.

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